how to clean keurig coffee maker

Why is it important know how to use Keurig coffee maker but after using Keurig coffee maker it is also necessary to learn who to clean it Like everything else, it does not stay clean for a long time. In addition, the water you use may contain minerals that are corrosive and can be deposited to reach the broiler areas of the coffee and can be difficult. Repeatedly coffee residues, as well as limestone deposits, are major enemies that may deteriorate over time. Clean your offspring once or twice a week, if you use it, this is advisable.

How to use baking soda

Remove the coffee filters and coffee bean containers. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water and keep soaked pieces in this mixture. Baking soda with the removal of oil deposits from separate parts. Baking soda works well with stains. Getting rid of stains from coffee is a difficult task, as you probably know. If you have stains on the coffee machine or dried out outside of the coffee shop, you can get rid of them with baking soda. Just mix the baking soda in water and dip a clean towel in it. Use it to enter a bit of excess moisture and clean the area.If the brewing unit is not as shiny as you like, release the remains and stains from the coffee and re-bake them using dry soda. Just put soda on it and leave it for 15 minutes. Clean it with a damp towel. Do not wash it under running water, because it can dig the vintner’s engine.

Wash it with the vinegar solution

The vinegar solution works well in dissolving mildew, fungi and mineral deposits in a coffee taster. Remember that the water flows through it, collecting minerals and new molds. Vinegar best removes lime deposits and frozen forms. First, clean the separate parts with a detergent or, if dishwasher safe, you can put them in the dishwasher. Put it back and insert the white glass vinegar with 4 glasses of water into the water tank. Run the empty circle. The winemaker will pass the vinegar solution inside and clean the path of water and coffee from mold and lime deposits. It will brew directly in the cafe, so you should see dirt in the cafe.

How to use lemon juice

Lemon juice is usually used as an alternative for vinegar. Some people do not like the sharp smell of vinegar, and they say it does not fade quickly to suit them. Instead, you can use lemon juice. Use the same measurements of the vinegar solution and add it to the water. Start the wheel cycle with this and also what will not dissolve in the coffee machine.


It is certainly easy to use only natural methods of brewing the brewing instead of chemicals. At the top of safe methods are also affordable. So the next time you clean your brewery, try the above methods. It seems that the easiest way to do this is to buy a cleaner for a coffee machine purchased in the store and simply throw away some of the dishwashers. Although it is a convenient way, it does not clean it well. There is no need to spend a lot of money on these cleaning devices, because

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