How to make cafe curtains for kitchen

When you have a simple cafe curtain, you will be able to control your privacy as well as lighting without having to sacrifice the style. However, you might as well look for a cafe curtain with a great design that will best meet your needs. When compared to the formal window curtains, the cafe curtains tend to be shorter, and they are best for offering breezy softness to your breakfast nook or your kitchen.

They are usually designed from a sheer fabric, and they consist of two lower panels along with a coordinating or matching valance. The best part is that making cafe curtains is relatively easy, making it best for a newbie to give a try. In this article, we shall be focusing on how to make cafe curtains for the kitchen. You can get the full info from Cannibal Kitchen.

How to make cafe curtains for kitchen – Directions

  • Measure your window’s width and add 2 more inches for seam allowance. By doing so, you will be able to get the width of the valance. To get your fabric’s width, add 4 more inches to your window’s width, and this will be for the bottom panel. The measurements you get will allow your valance and the panels to hang flat.
  • From the top of your upper curtain rod, measure from up, down to 1/3 of your window’s height. To get the length of the valance, you will add 6 more inches.
  • From the top of the lower curtain rod, measure 3 inches below your windows sill. Once done, add 6 more inches, and this will give you the length of the lower curtain.
  • With its printed side in, fold your fabric into half. You will then cut the valance along with the lower panels ensuring that patterns are running towards the same directions.

How to make cafe curtains for kitchen – Valance

  • Fold two sides of the valance, ensuring that it is under ¼ inch and then press it flat and warm it using an iron. Once done, once again fold your edges in ¾ inch and then pin then using straight pins, ensuring that they are perpendicular to the edges; this will allow you to pull them as you approach the sewing machine needle. Ensure that you sew down the side edges.
  • At the bottom, fold the edges, ensuring that they are under ¼ inch and then use an iron to press it. Fold it once more 1 ¾ inch, and then you pin the seam. Once done, you will sew them.
  • Turn your valance top under ¼ inch and then use an iron to press it. Then fold its top edge down by 3 ¾ inches and form the rod pocket by pinning the edges. You will then sew the edges.

How to make cafe curtains for kitchen – Bottom panel

  • Fold each edge at the bottom panel by ¼ inch. You will then press every edge using an iron. Once you are done, fold the edges once again in ¾ inch and then pin them before sewing.
  • The bottom of your panels should then be turned up by ¼ inch and then pressed with an iron. You will then fold each bottom-up by 1 ¾ inch, and them pin hems into place before sewing.
  • The top of each lower curtain panel should be turned ¼ inch and the pressed using an iron. Fold top edges down by 3 ¾ inches and then pin them to form a pocket for the rod and then sew.

Final verdict

As we conclude, you will need the following when designing your cafe curtain;

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