Keurig 2.0 K475 Review, Is It Worthy it?

Are you looking for a one cup coffee maker? If yes, consider buying the K475. Although new, it’s a favored product in its category due to the popularity of the brand, Keurig that manufactures it. If you’re still skeptic, read this Keurig 2.0 K475 review and find out why this coffee brewer is a preferred choice of coffee enthusiasts.

Product description and features

It’s a premium, single serve coffee maker that can be customized to suit your needs. The K475 brews a smooth, rich, delicious cup every time in line with your expected quality. With five temperature settings, a strength control setting, and multiple K-mug, K-Carafe, and K-cup pod brew sizes, it’s easy to customize the settings to have your perfect cup.

The easy to use large screen along with a digital clock ensures that you enjoy a stress-free brewing experience. You can also program the brewer to turn off or on automatically at set times. No matter whether you love a strong, mild or flavored taste, the K475 lets you brew your desires all the time.


Ease of usage

The Keurig K475 comes with built-in features that make coffee brewing a breeze. You don’t have to haggle around for brewing your favorite coffee. In fact, it’s the ease of usage that sets this brewer apart from other machines.


The K475 is bold with a bigger reservoir, large LCD screen, and alluring silver accents. It’s a bit taller in size, but spans a shorter length on any platform, thus saving some space. The most striking feature of this brewer is it uses technology to detect the inserted pod for optimized brewing. You could also prepare iced beverages using the K475.

Performance and taste

The most important part of any coffee brewer is the overall performance and output that it delivers. In this respect, the K475 outsmarts many other brewers. It’s supposed to be among the easiest brewers on this planet. Also, the large screen guides you on everything about brewing. The coffee produced is perfectly hot and literally brewed.


The brewer is made out of durable materials. As such, you can enjoy its services longer. All you need to do is clean the machine on a regular basis to keep it in good working condition.


Most of the single cup coffee brewers in the comparable range come with a bigger price tag. The Keurig K475, on the flip side, is modestly priced. Consequently, even average earners can afford the price of this amazing brewer without denting their budget.


Some users experienced jamming of the machine when brewing coffee. Also, some enthusiasts find that the machine takes a longer time to brew coffee. Other than these minor cons, the brewer makes an ideal fit in any home.

Bottom line

The above Keurig 2.0 K475 review makes it clear that the K475 is an ideal choice for a small family who loves to savor coffee. It’s bold, well built, and looks amazing. Overall, it is a perfect machine for beginner as well as intermediate coffee lovers who’re out of time to brew coffee, desire a great taste, and could afford the pods.

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